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What Hath Darwin to Do with Scripture?
Comparing the Conceptual Worlds of the Bible and Evolution.

Table of Contents
Part 1: Two Conceptual Worlds
1. This Is Not the Creation-Evolution Debate You’re Looking For
2. What Hath Darwin to Do with Scripture
Part 2: Scarcity
3. Darwin’s Scarcity and the “Struggle for Life”
4. Scripture’s Own Intellectual World
5. Scarcity Across Genesis
6. Scarcity Beyond Genesis
7. Between Evolutionary Scarcity and Scripture’s Provision
Part 3: Fit
8. Evolutionary Fit and Location
9. Fit and Dislocation from Garden to New Earth
Part 4: Generation
10. Evolutionary Sex and Extinction
11. Sex and Generation Across Genesis
12. Generation Across the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament
Conclusions: Through Two Glasses, Darkly

New Season: “The Problem of Good (and Evil)”

“These short essays are packed with quality scholarship and insight into a more multidimensional approach to ‘the biblical world of gender.’ This approach will certainly help shape our future discussions on the proscriptive texts.” —Aimee Byrd, author of The Sexual Reformation

“By starting with the material culture of Israelite and Jewish communities, the authors bring women out of isolation and into their proper place as valuable contributors to the community.” —Cyndi Parker, owner and creative director of Narrative of Place

New Video Course:

Introducing Hebraic Thought: A Biblical Philosophy of Truth

Gain a better understanding of the thought-world of the Bible with Introducing Hebraic Thought: A Biblical Philosophy of Truth (BI210). Hebraic thought, according to Dr. Dru Johnson, is the thinking, concepts, and practices that emerge consistently across the biblical literature from the Hebrew Bible into the New Testament. In this course, Dru Johnson looks at the philosophical tradition embedded in Scripture. He explores how the biblical writers communicated and described the marks of Hebraic thought. You’ll come away from the course with increased biblical literacy and fluency and a better appreciation of the intellectual tradition of the Bible.

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