KSP.jpg“Dru Johnson opens our eyes, not only to the presence of rites and HumanRites_Cover+forewordrituals in all areas of life, but also to our need to be mindful of them. Human Rites is a compelling, challenging, and convicting read. We can’t rid our lives of rituals (nor would we want to), but we can and should heed their value and power.”
Karen Swallow Prior, author of On Reading Well: Finding the Good Life through Great Books


“It’s high time for the word ‘ritual’ to be redeemed and rediscovered for all of its potential, and Dru Johnson is the one to do it! He has distilled current research in ritual theory and in biblical studies and has given us a creative exploration of how our lives and moral imaginations are shaped by our rituals. Prepare to rethink everything you thought you knew about religious rituals!”
Tim Mackie, Co-Creator of The Bible Project

Anthony-Bradley-1-of-1-resize.jpg“Dru Johnson masterfully destroys the myth that following Jesus is a ‘relationship not a religion.’ Not only do we learn how God blesses his people through traditions, rituals, liturgies, and religion, the book also teaches us why rituals matter to God and why it leads to spiritual thriving. This thought-provoking book teaches us to  conform our everyday rituals to that which glorifies God. Human Rites is a game changer for the practice of Protestant Christianity.”
Anthony Bradley, author of Ending Overcriminalization and Mass Incarceration

9dd2bd8d43e5732743c1211bdba5741c-mulher-leitura-livro-ch-o-cruzado-pernas-silueta-by-vexels.png“I would actually recommend this book to my friends.”
Stephanie Johnson, wife of the author upon reading a rough draft



“Others have said as much, but Human Rites clarifies recent muddle around the topic. … This superb book is an accessible guide that will help us take our ritual inventory and learn to distinguish between the voice of the serpent and the voice of God.”
Peter Leithart, President, Theopolis Institute


“Whether it is baptism or barbeque, Jewish passover or a church potluck, Johnson shows you how extraordinary our ordinary feats of repetition turn out to be.”
Michael Bird, New Testament scholar, Ridley College, Australia

HBt0uqTD_400x400.jpg“In Human Rites, Dru helps us discern the difference between rites that are healthy and life-giving, and those that are not, and challenges us to lean in to the former while forsaking the latter. As a constant work in process myself, I commend to you this helpful volume.”
Scott Sauls, pastor, Christ Presbyterian Church in Nashville, TN and author of Jesus Outside the Lines and Irresistible Faith

jonathan-t-pennington.jpg“Delightful, insightful, and engaging from start to finish! Dru Johnson has given us a thoughtful and accessible introduction to the deeply powerful reality of habits and rites in every aspect of our lives.”
Jonathan Pennington, New Testament scholar, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary