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Scheduled Speaking


May 10–15, 2019 Biblical Theology of Ritual (intensive course at the Theopolis Institute)

Feb. 28, 2019 Book Launch: Human Rites: The Power of Ritual, Habit, and Sacraments (Eerdmans)

divider.pngNov. 18, 2018 “Response to Unterman’s ‘A Requirement for Return’,” SBL Annual Meeting (Denver)

Nov. 14, 2018 “Does Genesis 1–11 Contain an Implicit Critique of Theistic Evolution?” ETS Annual Meeting (Denver)

June 16, 2018 “Response to Richard Middleton’s ‘Death, Immortality, and the Curse’,” Dabar Conference, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (Chicago)

April 30, 2018 “Temple as Israel’s Cosmological Classroom,” University of St Andrews (Scotland)

April 21, 2018 “An Environmentalism Christians Can Justify,” EarthX (Dallas, TX)

March 27, 2018 “Deep Connections: Sober Science and Biblical Epistemology,” Cambridge University (England)

Nov. 18, 2018 “Placebos, Elevator Buttons, and High Powered Lasers: How Ritual Ethics Enable Us to See the Kingdom of God,” Society of Biblical Literature (Boston)

Nov. 9, 2018 “Second Order Thinking in Hebrew Bible Epistemology,” University of Aarhus (Denmark)