Biblical Philosophy

Chosen as one of the “best books of 2021” by Mosaic Magazine and a “top book of 2021” by The London Lyceum.
“Dru Johnson’s Biblical Philosophy asks questions that urgently need asking: Is there a philosophical tradition in the Hebrew Scripture? Does this Jewish tradition find defenders in the Christian New Testament? . . . In this book, he mmusters a dazzling array of scholarship to answer both questions in the affirmative.” —Yoram Hazony

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Table of Contents

A Case for Retrieving Hebraic Philosophy

Part I. Philosophical Styles:

1. What counts as philosophy

2. Philosophy before the Greeks: the Ancient Near Eastern intellectual context

Part II. Hebraic Philosophy: The Hebraic Philosophical Style:

3. The Hebraic philosophical style

4. Mapping philosophy in story, law, and poetry

Part III. Persistence in Hellenistic Judaism:

5. The philosophical styles of Hellenistic Judaism

6. Hebraic philosophical style in the Gospels

7. Paul in stoic garments

Part IV: Prototypes of Hebraic Philosophical Argument:

8. Hebraic and scientific epistemology

9. Biblical truth and human logic

10. Pictures of justification.

Ending with a Beginning