Regarding the politics of Sabbath . . .

The Universal Story: Genesis 1–11 (26–27)

“Jesus reminds them that the Sabbath stems from creation, which means that it’s for us, our animals, and our servants. In other words, he reminds the leaders of how the Sabbath structures our lives, but also breathes life into our social and political structures. Failure to see both sides of Sabbath ends in misunderstanding. . . . The fact that Sabbath is a practice rooted in creation—practiced by God Himself!—offers a basis for the prophets’ chastisement of Israel when she cheats the Sabbath (Nehemiah 13:19; Isaiah 56:6; Jeremiah 17:27). Hence, prophets judge Israel by her reverence for the Sabbath, which also promotes justice (cf. Isaiah 56:2; Jeremiah 17:21–27).”

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