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Biblical Theology of Ritual Course

I'll be teaching the Pentecost term course at the Theopolis Institute at Beeson Divinity School in May. Here are the details for anyone in the Birmingham area (or willing to drive): Course Description (May 13–15, 2019): “Ritual” is a universal way of describing human activity. All endeavors—technological, scientific, familial, and so on—are concerned with who can [...]

The Postpartum Transformation

If there's ever an appropriate time to curse, it's in the moment captured in the opening scene of the television show Up All Night. As two new parents gawk and hover over their first-born in her crib, they cannot help but to use expletives to express their awe: "She's so ####-ing beautiful." Mom and Dad chastise [...]

A Biblical Nota Bene on Philosophical Inquiry

The question of the Bible’s own philosophical understanding has been revived in recent works by philosophically savvy biblical scholars and biblically savvy philosophers.[1] A new program unit—Hebrew Bible and Philosophy—has been created within the Society of Biblical Literature, dedicated to exploring specifically philosophical topics in the Hebrew Scriptures. Although such topics have always been present [...]

Wisdom: Scientific, Biblical, and Otherwise

What do science and biblical wisdom have in common? Almost everything! Researchers explore the world through the skilled use of scientific tools, but also through the discerning sight they develop through training. And the Scriptures praise prudent knowledge that attends closely to the reality that surrounds us. Proverbs portrays wisdom as a process of submitting [...]